Ignition Distributor Solutions from RPT

RPT “All New” Distributors deliver powerful consistent OE spark for maximum combustion efficiency, accurate timing, and rock solid high-rpm performance. From traditional points-style distributors to the latest magnetic, optical, and sync signal designs, we’ve got the right option from which to choose.

Why take a chance with rebuilt? RPT Distributor Assemblies are 100% “New” for long service life.



Key Advantages of RPT New Ignition Distributors:

• Includes NEW OE style cap and NEW rotor – ready to install!

• Priced competitively to remanufactured units with cap and rotor

• All units are 100% NEW – No core charge!

• All electronic module components are 100% computer tested to ensure full functionality.

• Automated test equipment verifies signal strength, correct polarity of wire harness, air gap, crank reluctor tooth size, as well as ignition coil and pickup performance.

• RPT uses the correct gear hardness for the appropriate application. If the gear is too hard, it can damage the cam; if it's too soft, the gear itself can be damaged, which ultimately can cause severe engine damage – possibly even complete engine failure.

• Covers over 98% of sales demand.