Cam Shaft Synchronizer Solutions from RPT

RPT Cam Shaft Synchronizers feature in-house proven technology that provides increased accuracy by providing a stronger, more consistent signal and performance.

Key Advantages of Cam Shaft Synchronizers:

• Come as a complete assembly and include the camshaft position sensor – allows for easier one-step process installation

• 100% endurance & life cycle tested to ensure they meet OEM specifications for fit, form and function that ensure proper operation and performance.

• Alignment positioning tool is included (required for proper installation) to ensure that the fuel and ignition systems stay in time with the engine.

• Covers 100% sales demand

RPT’s Innovative Solution for Ford OE Camshaft Synchronizers

When Ford updated to a distributor less ignition system, they did not want to change the engine configuration, so they designed a mechanical camshaft synchronizer to operate the oil pump where the distributor once fit.

The OE design uses a bushing instead of a bearing and will typically wear out in approximately 70,000 miles. The common symptoms are a chirping noise and engine hesitation during acceleration. If not replaced, the synchronizer will eventually fail completely and no oil will be pumped through the engine. RPT’s engineering team has solved this issue by drilling a small hole in the back of our synchronizers to allow oil from the engine to lubricate the bushing. This added feature greatly extends product life and provides more consistent performance.